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Professional investor and well-informed investor

«Professional investor» means an investor which is considered to be a professional client or may, on request, be treated as a professional client within the meaning of Annex II of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law as amended.
«well informed investor» means every investor which is not a professional investor and fulfils the following conditions: (a) the investor confirms in writing that he is a well-informed investor and that he is aware of the risks related with the proposed investment; and (b) either his investment in the AIF amounts, at least, to €125 000, or he is assessed as a well-informed investor, either by a credit institution that falls within the scope of the Banking Laws as amended, or by an Investment Firm, or by a UCITS management company and the above mentioned assessment shows that he has the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to evaluate the appropriateness of the investment in the AIF;

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